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Fans, pumps and other components for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Business fields

We are specialists in plastic fans and other components for very clean environments, both non-hazardous (BNV) and explosive (ATEX). In the field of fans, we represent the COLASIT brand on the Czech market. We supply products in the following materials: PP, PPs, PVC-U, PPs-white, PE, PVDF, GRP, PPs-el. We also specialize in the supply of equipment where pumping is required without the risk of contamination with maximum reliability. Again, this is a BNV and ATEX device. In the field of pumping equipment, we represent the LEVITRONIX brand. These technologies overlap with other areas of industry where high purity and reliability is required. These include, for example, plants in the chemical, cosmetic and food industries, as well as plants engaged in the production of components for semiconductor applications.


Deliveries of components for certified production lines of drugs and other extremely demanding products requiring precisely defined behavior of transport substances within the entire production process



Provision of high quality pipes and other parts of transport systems necessary for operations with aggressive liquids and gases with guaranteed cleanliness and inert behavior


ATEX applications

Consulting in the design of the right components that meet the demanding conditions of technology designed for environments with a risk of explosion


Chemical industry

Professional consultation and complete deliveries, including the provision of support for assembly or rental of welding and other installation equipment


Ventilation system

Comprehensive solutions for distribution, active elements and control based on Beck’s product portfolio

Used materials

The optimal material is determined primarily by the production technology and the gases and liquids used.
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Fluoroplastics (PFA, PTFE, ELFTE, PVDF ..)

Plates, rods, hoses, piping components and seals

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Electroconductive plastics (PTFEel, PPs-el, PE-el)

Plastics for environments with the possibility of sparks and explosions. Their conductivity cancels out the adverse effects of electromagnetic induction

Products and components

All components supplied by us can be ordered online in our specialized WEB shops listed in the Applications section

Tubes, plastic components, rods, plates

Products of Beck, Safi, Smc, Fluorseals



The COLASIT brand is a leading partner in plastic engineering for work with critical industrial flue gases and aggressive liquids. Plastic fans of this brand are recognized worldwide as a standard. We offer products in the following designs: PP, PPs, PVC-U, PPs-white, PE, PVDF, GRP, PPs-el. The COLAVENT application facilitates the selection of a suitable fan.



The LEVITRONIX brand is a world leader in magnetically levitating bearingless motor technologies. The patented technology allows the motor and magnetic storage to penetrate single-use applications with an emphasis on maximum reliability, long life and the ability to transport costly media in the most chemically demanding processes.

Our partners

Project solutions in cooperation with:


Our company focuses mainly on 2 industries in which we already have many years of experience and can therefore offer the ideal solution for complex supplies of the required technology

ATEX fans and pumps for the pharmaceutical industry.

The ATEX directives consists of two EU directives describing the minimum safety requirements of the workplace and equipment used in explosive atmosphere. ATEX derives its name from “Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosives” (French for Equipment intended for use in EXplosive ATmospheres)

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Fluoroplastic family

Fluoroplastic is the term given to a class of plastics where the hydrogen atoms of the hydrocarbon chains have been replaced with fluorine atoms. This change drastically alters the properties of the plastic, allowing it to be used in several specialty applications.

Because fluoroplastics are highly inert, they are ideal for protecting industrial parts and components, such as washers, seals, gaskets and pump interiors from electrochemical corrosion attack.

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The FARPROSYS s.r.o. was established in 2014 to supply components and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. At present, we are primarily engaged in consulting and designing optimal and comprehensive solutions for chemical-technological processes in the production of drugs and semiconductors.

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